Thanksgiving Day
Parade 2000

Photos and Article
By Richard Ledbetter

In the early Houston morn' as the rain clouds darkened, the thunder begin to roll and the winds picked up,15 brave participants prepared to exhibit what each and every one of them consider a prized possession. Their wonderful and talented Paso Fino Horses (translated from Spanish; horses with the fine walk ).

For several years now the Bank United Thanksgiving Day Parade has invited the Paso Finos (and owners) to show off and demonstrate what makes these horses so unique.

We gladly obliged them, threatening weather or not and as luck would have it we we found parking under Highway 59 a great shelter and place to groom, tack up an get ready for the event. We were fortunate the precipitation that fell was a light drizzle shortly before the start of the parade.

The group had a very nicely exhibited entry, with drills and patterns being performed nearly flawlessly, before a truly exuberant crowd thru the downtown area streets of Houston.

The Paso Fino entry was composed of the following riders:
Suzanne Seal, Joyce & Larry Delaney, Cathy Starbuck (the group leader), Kristen Jackson, Ruby Saylor, Jeremy Scott, Selena & Brittany Foster, Kimberly Norris, Lloyd & Marla Noia, Jean Jackson, Gilda Lange and Raphael Ramirez.

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Parade Leaders  

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