Conroe Go Texan Parade
February 3rd 2001

Our riders for this beautiful afternoon Parade were

Cathy Starbuck (the group leader), Jenny Storch (our newest participant), Jean & Hewy  , Joyce Delaney, Diane Burghart, Kim Norris, Beverly Frick, and Nancy Tetreault

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group_1.jpg (29444 bytes)The
jenncath.jpg (21740 bytes) The Leaders
Jenny Storch &
Cathy Starbuck
jeanhuey.jpg (25102 bytes)Next on Palominos
Hewy and Jean
joycdian.jpg (27038 bytes)Third Pair was
Diane Burghart  & Joyce Delaney
bev_kim.jpg (20213 bytes)The forth pair was
Beverly Frick and
Kim Norris
nancy.jpg (28865 bytes)Bringing up the rear
Nancy Tetreault
drill_1.jpg (31965 bytes)Starting the Drill
Called the
drill_2.jpg (32131 bytes)The Waterfall
nearly finished
getstart.jpg (36484 bytes)Everyone