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Parade Group Information

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Rider Attire
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Parade Rules

These guidelines are for the safety of our group, the pedestrians and for positive representation of Paso Finos and to keep parades fun for all!  

  1. All horses need to be well behaved, steady, gait well and be able to line up close without kicking or biting.

  2. Horses should not be green and need to have some small town parade experience before riding in the large Houston downtown parades.

  3. Please do not take your horse up to any pedestrian or to the crowds during the parade to be petted. Be safety conscious and consider what could happen if your horse startled.

  4. It is recommended not to have plain shoes on your horse.  If you feel you horse may slip or not be steady on pavement, Barefoot or Borium studded shoes will give better traction. Your horse will need to be able to gait-corto and perform in the drills.

  5. If someone dismounts, horses around should stand still until the rider is back on their horse and settled.  

  6. At the end of the parade, all horses in our group will ride back together as a group, back to the parking area, behind the lead riders. *Do not rush back* in a Largo, - slow corto or walk as a group and watch for your fellow rider.   STAY TOGETHER and go slow for safety!

  7. We are representing the Paso Fino breed and all the Paso Fino Horse Associations.  We need to reflect a positive image as a friendly group having fun that welcomes people in with open arms.

  8. We are honored to be repeatedly allowed and invited to ride in these parades even though they sometimes limit the number of horse-back groups allowed to participate.

  9. Please watch your language, No alcohol, No bickering, any disputes at the time will be settled by the parade chairman and may be discussed over at a later date.

  10. Please look for the positive, offer to help if needed, have fun and



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Rider Attire
Black pants
Black boots
Black Gloves
Paso type Hat (Winter-Black Felt;  Summer-Tan Straw)
White Long-sleeved Shirt, Tuxedo shirts preferred
TX Sequin Vest
Red Rosette  
Red Ribbon Hat Band
Women: TX Sequin Vest with Yellow Rose is fine  
Red toned makeup to match with red in outfits.

Men: Black western string tie
Children:  Helmet Required (Winter-Black; Summer -White) Helmet covers make changing colors easy
Western Riders:  Regular White Long-sleeved Shirt
Everyone: Smiles and positive outlook!
Horse Tack
Black Dressage Saddle
Small saddle pad to go between horse and Paso Pad (provided)
Black or Brown Bridle and Reins
Western Saddle - dark colors preferred 
Small western saddle pad to go between horse and Paso Pad (provided)
Western type bridles preferred
Western  hat acceptable (Winter - Black Felt; Summer - Tan Straw)
For the Rodeo Parades:
Breast Color acceptable - Lariat or Riata on saddle if available
Western Chaps for rider if available  - Black or Dark colored preferred

**Please use a small saddle pad, so it won't show from under the red paso pads
Watch Weather Forecasts:
For Cold Weather: layer up Long johns etc. for insulation
If Raining: Clear hat covers, clear raincoats or ponchos.
For warm-hot weather: Bring water from home for your horse, for after the parade.

To Join or for more Information

 Cathy Starbuck
Phone (903) 344-2806
E-Mail   info@pasodefe.com

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Criss-Cross Drill
This Drill is used when the parade is moving.

  Instructions & Line Up

*Rider (A) will always go in front of rider (B) in the crossing. *(See diagram to the right.) You may want to print it out.

Listen for the whistles, they are your cues when to start.  

One sharp whistle means to move out to the street sides from pairs, (or) back to pairs if you are out on the curb. 
Make sure when out wide on the street sides, that you watch your partner to keep even.

Two whistles are the cue to Cross, focus on your partner so that you cross in the middle, one right in front of the other.

Everyone essentially starts this drill at the same time. This will look very neat as we cross in 
consecutive pairs.

*Watch & Talk to Your partners! 
You are working in Pairs *

**Rider (A) needs to pay attention and keep their speed up during the cross, yet slow down if needed for their partner to catch up on the side lines.
**Rider (B) needs to watch to cross closely behind 
rider (A)

I will pair us back up before any turns, to take the turns in formation.

During the drills the pairs will not be able to wave as much being you will be turning often and need to keep an eye on each other and the pair in front. We can wave when in formation and any line riders will be able to wave more.

All Riders: You want to keep about 1 1/2 horse length between you and the horse in front of you and the horse(s) beside you.

Keep your line even, you should line up shoulder to shoulder in your rows or pairs. This takes checking often and communicating to each other.

In some parades there  will be line riders, 3 across in the back that will stay in formation for the entire parade and not do drills.

Drill Diagram


Water Fall Drill
This Drill is used when the parade is at a stand still.

 Follow the Horse in Front of you.

 Keep your spaces 1 1/2 horse length apart.

Move up the street and split where the pair in front of you parted.

Watch your partner, signal-communicate to each other, for when to split and when to come back together.  A head nod from one rider works well.

Stay even with each other, Especially when out on the sides.  Watch to see if you need to slow down or speed up, this may depend on your distance between your pair and the pair in front of you.

 Keep your horse in gait and moving through this drill.

*You will return to your original place, when the drill is through.*