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SOLD Cristina de los Suenos
Palomino DOB 3/11/06 (sire) Cisco de Fe (dam) Alegria de Zeta
Double bred Retador de Casta, nice filly that should be 14.1 Hands at least when full grown.  Lightly started under saddle.

SOLD  Carta Preciosa de los Suenos
Buckskin-Dun DOB 8/10/06 (sire) Cisco de Fe (dam) Otona
Starting under saddle


  SOLD Azucar of CloudDancer  
Foaled 7/11/2003  Bay,
(SIRE) Picasso de Fe (Juan Juan and Resotrte IV)
(DAM) Mijita-de Circle S( Hilachas and Resorte Bloodlines).
Would make any one proud to ride. Very calm and gentle. a wonderful broodmare. Bloodline two times to the Great Resorte She is stocky and anyone can handle her easily.

SOLD Tulla de Milagro
Dark Bay DOB 8/8/01 (sire) Milagro de Belleza  (dam) Dolly de Vison
Large bold mare, well built with great extension in the largo.


 SOLD Sonora de Fe
Buckskin-Dun DOB 4/24/02
Retador  de Casta  (dam) G-L Uno Querida del Cerro
Impeccable Gait, Elegant mare, sister to the National fino mare Nostalgia de Casta. Golden color, dorsal stripe, 3 socks, very flashy, well built mare.

SOLD Quantera de Estaban
Black DOB 5/10/99

(sire) Pegasus Estaban
(dam) Espectacla Estaban


SOLD Canela Renoir de Fe
Chestnut & White Tobiano Pinto DOB 10-24-04

Picasso de Fe  (dam) Varon's Varonica de Fe
Beautiful cherry red chestnut tobiano pinto, super sweet disposition, wonderful gait, coming along great under saddle.


SOLD Mirabela de Fe 
Buckskin DOB 5/2/03 (sire) Retador  de Casta (dam) Mirasol de Fe
Small mare, well gaited, quick footed, very pretty.

victoririgina.jpg (29247 bytes) Victoria Regina donde es
Spring 98 Dun 1 White rear pastern (Sire) Invicto donde es (Dam) Cortissana donde es
Elegant, 14.1 Hands, Great depth, Easy going yet Powerful mare, Full Columbian bloodlines, last horse bred by Ray Gillis!  Proven broodmare with two beautiful foals.  Experienced Trail horse, has ridden in parades including leading the Paso entry for the downtown Houston Thanksgiving Day parade.

SOLD La Luisa del Mistico
Grey Mare
DOB 6/28/2000 SIRE Distinguido La Estrella DAM Nocha Lluvia del Mistico, elegant mare with very nice gait.


 SOLD   Varon's Varonica de Fe
Solid Chestnut DOB 5/25/2000 (Sire) Varon
Dark red chesnut, Green broke, good disposition, likes people, fast largo.
  Bred for fall 2006 foal by
Picasso de Fe

 SOLD  Luna Azule de Fe
Black DOB 6/6/03 (sire) Petro del Rio (dam) G-L Uno Querida del Cerro
This mare was born a blue grulla then turned dark.  Started under saddle, very nice mare.

  SOLD April (Sire) Curioso de Fe  (dam) Catalina del Pasador
Dun Mare good size, stocky, starting under saddle, showing lots of promise.


SOLD La Gracia de Fe
Red Dun DOB 8/14/2000 This double Gracioso mare has wonderful bloodlines and    temperament. One of the last Gracioso daughters, Bochica granddaughter with  Majestuoso bloodlines also.

 SOLD Novela de Fe
Dun DOB 11/26/2000 One of the few Retador fillies old enough to start, a lot of potential.  Majestuoso granddaughter, tall and elegant with strong gait.

SOLD Mirasol de Fe 
DOB 3/12/99 Cream Buckskin 3 White Pasterns (Sire) Gracioso (Dam) Lamirla de Fe Exceptionally Nice Disposition, Gait, Movement, Carriage, Brio. $8,500

  SOLD Despietra de Fe 
DOB 5/30/99 Bay (Sire) Gracioso (Dam) Valentina del Costa Must see to Believe, Soooo Loving. An superb student starting under saddle. Super willing and intelligent, wonderful gait a real treasure.

1997 Bay Mare excellent gait, easy to ride, beautiful, elegant. Parades and trails experience.

SOLD Varon's Victoria de Fe
Chestnut Flaxen Mane & tail DOB 1/15/2000 Green broke, learns quickly smooth gait, great bloodlines.

SOLD Cedar Hill's Resa
Black DOB 3/5/93 Mature easy riding mare, gaits at any speed, trail & parade experience.

SOLD  Perlita de Zeta
Black Bay DOB 2/18/96 Very tall & elegant, rideable nice brio and action.

SOLD Manzanilla de Fe
Beautiful cream Buckskin DOB 4/30/2000  Elegant good mover ready to start.

SOLD Prancing B Fanfare

1996 14.3 Hand, Flashy Silver Dun mare (sire) Latigo de Besilu (dam)    Flint Oak Fanfare easy to ride go anywhere Trail And Parade experience.  

Must see MORE       $5,500

SOLD Profeta de Fe

PROFETA1.JPG (15272 bytes)  88 Palomino, SIRE Del Plebeyo de Boricua (double Kofresi) DAM Hermosa Blanca de Gala Stocky build, lots-a chrome and good size. Bred to Retador  de Casta for spring 2002 foal.

La Destella de Fe

destella.jpg (18191 bytes) SOLD Spring 98 Chestnut Four White Socks & Blaze (Sire) Gracioso (Dam) Profeta de Fe. Fancy Filly that should be a show stopper, Brilliant Movement $7,500  Now bred to Retador for 2002 foal -$8,500


SOLD Marca Luna de Fe

marcalu1.jpg (14787 bytes)Spring 99 Black Dun (Sire) Vaquero del Costa (Dam) Chinchilla Will be Tall!, Gait & Brio, Unusual Color $5,500


SOLD La Novia de Fe

2PROFETA.JPG (16242 bytes)  Fall 99 Cremello (Sire) Don Juan de Casta (Dam) Profeta de Fe. This girl's Style is absolutely breath-taking, You can't take your eyes off her $8,500


SOLD Chinchilla 

  82 Dark Dun, SIRE: TorbilloTomaria Dam: Chichi que tal Hilachas & Relicaro, Full Columbian Bloodlines, Throws gait, elegance and disposition. In foal to Retador  de Casta  Broodmare only


SOLD Sendera Marie de Cancion

 88 Gray, SIRE Celeborn Lorien (Belmonte) DAM Maritona con vivo (Marichal). A wonderful mare that would be a great addittion to any home. She has been in numerous parades, trail rides and shows. Anyone can ride, super good with childern and fun for adults too. Very quick tight gait and superior bloodlines. At one time belonged to the once popular country western singer and recording artist Janie Frickie

SOLD Midnight Lace 

88 Black KMSHA (Kentucky Mountain Horse)  Great Starter Horse, Easy to handle, Kid Proof, Trail and Team Penning Experience, 
Will be Bred to Retador  de Casta.  

SOLD Valentina del Costa

87  Grey, SIRE Pepi Macho (Hilaches) DAM Destina Mia ( Mar de Plata & Toledo) Tall with beautiful head, sweet attentive attitude, expressive eyes and good gait. Bred to Gracioso

SOLD Contessa del Costa

86  Bay, SIRE Cantu Cabal DAM Esoterica con vivo Hilachas and Marichal Bloodlines. Would make any one proud to ride. Very calm and gentle. a wonderful broodmare. Bloodline to Foundation Sire Bolero LaCe (Registration number 2), and the great Kofresi. She is stocky and anyone can handle easily.

SOLD Maullido del Gato

93 Chestnut with Flaxen mane and tail, large star small snip.(sire) Latigo de Besilu (dam) Catalina del Pasador This mare is a Regional High Point Conformation Fillies Winner she is very sweet and good sized. In foal to Retador de Casta  

SOLD Savanna Leigh de Bevally

95 Grey, SIRE Succesor de Resorte (Resorte IV son) DAM Sendera Marie de Cancion (Marichal & Resorte III bloodlines) Well gaited started under saddle and going good trails.

  Champagna de Fe

  96 Silver Dun, SIRE Chico de Bochica donde es DAM Lamirla de Fe. This beautifully refined and elegant mare is showing the wonderful temperament, quickness and "want to please" attitude of her sire, the color and ease of breeding of her dam, she exibits style and sweet desire that makes her a joy to work with. One of our favored to keep, this girl should mature out about 15 hands. In foal to Retador  de Casta for spring 2002

SOLD Belleza de Fe

96 Bay, SIRE Reflejo (Capuchino Son) DAM Louisa de Gala (Cirano & Marichal) Tall extremely elegant loves attention, ready to start. In foal to Retador  de Casta for fall 2001.

SOLD La Joya de Fe

96 Chestnut, SIRE Reflejo (Capuchino Son) DAM Profeta de Fe Small, firey, tight gait, three socks.

wpe1.jpg (28503 bytes) SOLD Vaquero Suena de Fe 
Dec. 97 Black (Sire) Vaquero del Costa (Dam) 4 socks and a star, lots of Brio & Desire Plenty of hock action, Gait and Presence. Very Flashy markings. Should be a nice show prospect $3,500. In foal to Retador  de Casta for summer 2001

SOLD Angel de Fe
97 Bay, SIRE
Gracioso (Bochica Son & Resorte III Grandson) DAM Angelita del Costa (Resorte IV Grandaughter) Very quick gait, style and class, friendly.

SOLD Invicto's Sue
6-10-1997 Bay no white KMSHA (Kentucky Mountain Horse) Grand daughter of the great "Doc Holiday" This mare's blood is 3/4 Paso Fino she is a good lesson horse any one can ride. Sweet gentle disposition, good conformation.

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SOLD Perla Negra del Sueno
Black dun DOB 7/16/06 (sire) Domingo Sorpresso de MiLe  (dam) Dolly de Vision
Very flashy filly, 4 socks, refined and elegant.  Dam was smooth, great largo and a power house.  Sire as laid back as they come.  This filly very eye catching.

SOLD Margarita de Chico
Grey DOB 4/26/02

SOLD Isabella's 03 Unnamed filly
Palomino DOB 7/5/03 sire)
Picasso de Fe

SOLD Emperadora de Fe 
Spring 98 Dun 1 White rear pastern ( Sire) Vaquero del Costa (Dam) Lamirla de Fe, Large, Elegant, Great Largo Horse 

SOLD Bella Flora de Fe 
Spring 98 Black Dun (Sire) Gracioso (Dam) Chinchilla Super Sweet, Easy Going Affectionate, Very Correct, Full Columbian Bloodlines $8,500

sierra.jpg (13495 bytes) SOLD Sierra de Fe 
Spring 99 Golden Buckskin Two Hind Socks (Sire) Retador de Casta (Dam) Contessa del Costa. Flashy, Tight Gait, Fluid Motion $4,500


  SOLD Rosiera de Fe
Red Dun DOB 10/11/02 (Sire) Retador de Casta (dam) Marca Luna de Fe


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 SOLD Leonardo de Fe  Colt  Palomino DOB 6/9/04
 (sire) Picasso de Fe  (dam) Isabella de Casta


  SOLD Diego de Fe    2005 Bay colt
Retador  de Casta  (dam) La Escarcha de Monarca's


SOLD Calypso de Fe   Bay Pinto colt
Picasso de Fe  (dam) Cedar Hill's Resa   


SOLD Coronado de Fe  2005 Palomino Colt DOB 10/7/05
(sire) Picasso de Fe   (dam) Varon's Varonica de Fe


SOLD Cedar Hill's Resa's 05 Unnamed  Pinto Colt
 (sire) Picasso de Fe



SOLD Unique del rosa's 03 Unnamed  Colt
Grey DOB 8/6 /03

SOLD Cedar Hill's Resa's 03 Unnamed  Colt
Bay DOB 8/7/03

SOLD Despietra de Fe's 04 Unnamed  Colt
Bay DOB  4/11/04 (sire) Retador  de Casta

SOLD Vaquero's Hombre de Fe(Dutch)
Jan. 1999 Black dun Colt (sire) Vaquero del Costa (dam) Tacita

SOLD Quatro Blancos de Fe 
Fall 99 Dun with 4 Stockings & blaze (Sire) Vaquero del Costa (Dam) Champagne de Fe. Out going disposition, tight gait, striking markings, fantastic gelding. 

 SOLD Picasso de Fe 
THEN                                       AND                                     NOW

Fall 99 Palomino Pinto (Sire) Retador de Casta (Dam) Rosita de Zeta This colt has the rare and exotic color of both the Golden Palomino and White Markings of the tobiano Pinto. With a wonderful friendly disposition that is common in the offspring of Retador. Very natural gait and stocky build. Definitely Stallion Material that will produce colored foals. $8,500

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  Avante de Zeta (Charlie Grandson) Bay Tobiano Pinto
DOB 7/3/97 (sire)Tempestuoso B-B (dam) Charlies Sabrina de ChNel 
Registration # 39912 Extremely smooth gait
14.1 Hands, Sweet disposition, Excellent Trail & Parade Horse,



 El Viento de Fe
Chestnut colt DOB 5-16-05
Retador  de Casta (dam) Isabella de Casta


SOLD Colorado de Fe 2006 Fall Chestnut Gelding
(sire) Picasso de Fe   (dam) Isabella de Casta
Started under saddle easy going no bad habits



 Amigo de Fe (AKA Buddy) 
SOLD Grey Gelding DOB 11/10/03 (sire) Petro del Rio  (dam) Llamarada de Fe
Large (nearly 15 hands) Friendly, Calm, Willing, Now Started under Saddle


Chico de Bochica donde es

SOLD 88 Grey, 14.3H SIRE Gracioso (see below) (Bochica Son & Resorte III Grandson) DAM Famachica donde es Full Columbian, Great Disposition, Gait, Size, Elegance, very stylish in his movement.


 (Sire) Tempestuoso B-B (Dam) Danita SRC
 2001 Bay Tobiano Pinto Nice size, very willing disposition, easy going under saddle   loving and sweet. Some lucky person will get a great companion for a long time to    come.

  SOLD Cimarron de Fe
Buckskin DOB 4/6/03 (sire)
Retador  de Casta (dam) Escarlata del Sur
He will be a great trail mount that will be flashy and eye catching.
Now starting under saddle, we are even more pleased with his progress than we expected. Very willing, gaited, smart, eager to please.

 SOLD  Compadre de Fe
Buckskin Gelding DOB 4/23/04 (sire)
Retador  de Casta  (dam) Mirasol de Fe
Well gaited and quick.

SOLD Bravo de Fe Palomino DOB 5/24/03
(sire) Petro del Rio (dam) Novia de Fe
Very elegant and flashy, a show ring prospect


  SOLD Ministro de Fe
Grey DOB 12/2/01 (sire)
Retador  de Casta  (Dam) Marya (Majestuoso daughter)


SOLD Durango donde es  

1992 bay, Sire Plebeyo donde es, Dam Famonte donde es. Very pleasant and agreeable, wonderful gait, plenty of Brio yet easy to ride, loads of all kinds of experience.


SOLD  Camino Royale de Fe

royalehd1.jpg (14423 bytes) DOB 12/12/99 Golden Buckskin small star (Sire) Retador de Casta (Dam) Marya (Majestuoso daughter) Tremendous elegance presence , sweet attitude and style, will be very tall and proud with a super nice build and refinement. already 15H at 2 years


SOLD   Patches Playboy

patches1.jpg (19209 bytes)11 Year old Beautiful Dappled Pinto 14.2 hand Solidly built, lots of personality, great gait.
Must see He won't last long.

A Cappella's Caprichoso

491c.jpg (15565 bytes)SOLD6 Year old born 5/23/96 Sire Capuchino Dam Lakehart Elice Exquisite gray gelding Plenty of brio, gait, style, elegance, and presence. Good size and substance.  497b.jpg (31597 bytes) 
An own son of Capuchino one of the most revered & best Champion producers in the world. 
504b.jpg (17783 bytes)
 For sale by Private Treaty


SOLD Bochica Tejas Santo

1_Bochica.jpg (18074 bytes) 98 Bright Red Chestnut (the color of a bright copper penny) no face markings Left fore pastern, Right hind sock. (sire) Santo Humo (a Bochica & Resorte IV grandson). He is sweet & gentle, easy to ride, yet has an abundance of Brio when asked. Does virtually nothing but gait. Used as a child's Mount during Youth Summer Horsemanship Camp. And is also broke to harness.

SOLD Viento Nocturno

a-168sm.jpg (13664 bytes) 1989 Black with right fore pastern, hind coronets. 
An own son of Charlie (Resorte IV) Well gaited, elegance personified, Style beauty grace & spirit. trained to satisfy intermediate riders, nice to spark the novice rider to excel.


SOLD I'm Mr. Chip
94 Bay Tobiano Pinto Registered Spotted Saddle Horse, (sire) The Midnight Raven (dam) Dusty Lady Rose. 16 Hands, Sweet disposition, Excellent Trail & Parade Horse, Extremely smooth gait.  

SOLD Caballero de Fe 
97 Grey, SIRE Chico de Bochica donde es (Bochica Resorte III & Hilachas) Dam Chinchilla.

SOLD Santo Rosa de Fe
97 Bay no White, SIRE Pepi Macho (Hilachas son) DAM Llorona de Pa. This guy is very intelligent with a super willingness to please, nice size, great stocky conformation.

9 year old Bay Paso Fino 15 Hands, Stocky. Lots of experience on Trails & Parades. Family Friendly (good with kids & adults) Neck Reins. It would be hard to find a more stable and consistent mount at any price. $4,500

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SOLD Domingo Sorpreso de MiLe  
2002 Perlino 14.3
SIRE: Al Centavo de MiLe
DAM: Empressa privada de MeLe(Coral LacE Mare)
Calm, Sweet, easy-going, very smooth, good depth, Largo,  IMPECCABLE Gait. Coral LaCe Grandson, and  Majestuoso Great Grandson.

80 Bay, SIRE Bochica DAM Zamarcanda II (A Great Resorte III Daughter) CLASSIC FINO National winner, Numerous Championships & High Point Awards, Wonderful disposition Children can handle, Performs for anyone. Produces great attitudes, gait and conformation.

SOLD Vaquero del Costa
87 Chestnut, 15H SIRE Despano DAM Exotica RRR (Mar de Plata, Toledo, Bolero, El Cid bloodlines) Flash personified, four stockings, Blaze, flaxen Mane & Tail. Proud, Animated carriage. 

SOLD Don Juan de Casta
86 Golden Dun, SIRE Juan Juan (Resorte III & Don Danillo) DAM Velada (Hilachas & Eblis Blood) EXTRAORDINARY Elegance, Super Animation, Extremely quick gait. Gorgeous Color.

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