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Estrella Lisa Tempestuoso
Tobiano bay Pinto DOB 6/1/96 Beautifully colored & conformed, trained western.



La Escarcha de Monarca
Bay DOB 5/11/95 Small Star 4 socks
An own daughter of Monarca de Besilu, out of a Hilaches daughter.  Well gaited, easy to ride, Flashy mare that is sweet to handle. Proven broodmare with 4 foals, 3 fillies, one colt.  This mare was trained to be a lesson horse, will stand quietly and walk on a loose rein.  Bred back to Petro del Rio for a 2011 foal. 

Pistolera de Fe
Black DOB 5/23/03 (sire) Nevado del Juncal  (dam) La Escarcha de Monarca
Her Sire won at Nationals, Solid Black mare with a blaze like her uncle Simbolo de Besilu, this mare should do well in the show ring.  Fabulous temperament, easy to handle, proven producer.

 SOLD Sonora de Fe
Buckskin-Dun DOB 4/24/02
Retador  de Casta  (dam) G-L Uno Querida del Cerro
Impeccable Gait, Elegant mare, sister to the National fino mare Nostalgia de Casta. Golden color, dorsal stripe, 3 socks, very flashy, well built mare. 

Leya aSuVez
Grey DOB 5/24/00 (sire) Prometido de Selecta  (dam) Smokey Moment


SOLD Quantera de Estaban
Black DOB 5/10/99
(sire) Pegasus Estaban
(dam) Espectacla Estaban


Elegan aSuVez
Claybank-Red Dun DOB 5/6/2000 (sire) Capuchero de Calidad  (dam) Monarquia del Eden


Lolita Picante de Mistico
Chestnut & White Tobiano Pinto DOB 4/24/2005
(sire) Bandelero del Mistico
  (dam) Corre Comines
Very elegant and balanced mare, Capuchino bloodlines in a pinto.

SOLD Canela Renoir de Fe
Chestnut & White Tobiano Pinto DOB 10-24-04 (sire)
Picasso de Fe 
(dam) Varon's Varonica de Fe

Beautiful cherry red chestnut tobiano pinto, super sweet disposition, wonderful gait, coming along great under saddle.

SOLD  Cristina del Sueno
Palomino DOB 3/11/06 (sire) Cisco de Fe (dam) Alegria de Zeta
Double bred Retador de Casta, nice filly that should be 14.1 Hands at least when full grown.  Lightly started under saddle.

SOLD Carta Dulce de Los Suenos
Buckskin-Dun DOB 8/10/06 (sire) Cisco de Fe (dam) Otona
Starting under saddle

Serafina de Fe
(DOB) 5/21/06 (sire) Charlie's Petro del Rio  (dam)
Mirasol de Fe 

  Matisse de Fe
 Buckskin Pinto DOB 11/5/05
 (Sire) Picasso de Fe 
 (Dam) Nefertiria de Navidad


Electora de Fe
 Dappled Dun DOB 4/29/2000
(Sire) Retador  de Casta
(Dam) La Mirla

Rosabella de Fe
Bay DOB 3/20/05
(sire) Ministro de Fe
(Dam) Mariah de Navidad

Mariana de Fe 
Red Chestnut 4 socks, small blaze, flaxen mane DOB 4/12/04
Retador  de Casta  
Flint Oak Marina (Majestuoso daughter)

  Noel de Fe
Sooty Buckskin DOB 12/25/2005
Domingo Sorpreso de MiLe  
(dam) Marya (Majestuoso daughter)


Sonata de Fe  
Red bay with 4 white socks & blaze (DOB) 5/2/06
(sire) Charlie's Petro del Rio 
(dam) La Escarcha de Monarca.


Llamarada de Fe
Grey DOB 6/6/97 Good size, super friendly people lover, easy to handle, Gracioso daughter out of the Majestuoso daughter Marya.

Perlita de Fe
Perlino DOB 4/30/2001 (sire)
Retador  de Casta  (Dam) Chinchilla
This mare is small with strong gait, easy going & sweet attitued.  Full Columbian Bloodlines, Beautiful head and graceful carriage

Danita SRC
Black Bay DOB 5/4/90 (sire) Charlie - Resorte IV granddaughter, go anywhere quick gait with power & brio yet gentle.  Stocky mare, sweet and willing.  Ridden in parades, great on trail yet great drive and power.

  SOLD Varon's Varonica de Fe
Solid Dark Red Chestnut DOB 5/25/2000 (Sire) Varon
Green broke, good disposition, likes people, fast largo.
Bred for fall 2006 foal by
Picasso de Fe

SOLD La Luisa del Mistico
Grey Mare
DOB 6/28/2000 (Sire) Distinguido La Estrella  (Dam) Nocha Lluvia del Mistico - Elegant mare with very nice gait.

victoririgina.jpg (29247 bytes)SOLD Victoria Regina donde es 
1998 Dun (Sire) Invicto donde es  (Dam) Cortisana donde es
Elegant, 14.1 Hands, Great depth, Easy going yet Powerful mare, Full Columbian bloodlines, last horse bred by Ray Gillis!  Proven broodmare with two beautiful foals.  Experienced Trail horse, has ridden in parades including leading the Paso entry for the downtown Houston Thanksgiving Day parade.

SOLD Luna Azule de Fe
Black Dun DOB 6/6/03 (sire) Petro del Rio
  (dam) G-L Uno Querida del Cerro  - This mare was born a blue grulla then turned dark.  Started under saddle, very nice mare.

SOLD Mirabela de Fe 
Buckskin DOB 5/2/03 (sire)
Retador  de Casta  (dam) Mirasol de Fe 
Small mare, well gaited, quick footed.

SOLD La Gracia de Fe
Red Dun DOB 8/14/2000 - This double Gracioso mare has wonderful bloodlines and temperament.  One of the last Gracioso daughters, Bochica granddaughter with Majestuoso bloodlines also.

SOLD Novela de Fe
Dun DOB 11/26/2000 - One of the few Retador fillies old enough to start, a lot of potential.  Majestuoso granddaughter, tall and elegant with strong gait.

mirasol.jpg (16205 bytes) SOLD Mirasol de Fe 
Cream Buckskin DOB 3/12/99 - Three Small White Pasterns (Sire) Gracioso  (Dam) Lamirla de Fe
Exceptionally Nice Disposition, Gait, Movement, Carriage, Brio. $8,500

SOLD Despietra de Fe 

DOB 5/30/99 Bay (Sire) Gracioso  (Dam) Valentina del Costa 
Must see to Believe, Soooo Loving. An superb student starting under saddle. Super willing and intelligent, wonderful gait a real treasure.


SOLD Chinchilla

chinchil.jpg (72317 bytes)82 Dark Dun (Sire) TorbilloTomaria  (Dam) Chichi que tal
Hilachas & Relicaro Bloodlines, Throws good gait, elegance and disposition.  Bred to Retador de Casta for Spring 2003 foal.

SOLD Champagna de Fe

CHAMRPEN.JPG (14455 bytes)96 Dun, (Sire) Chico de Bochica donde es  (Dam) Lamirla de Fe.
This beautifully refined and elegant mare is showing the wonderful "want to please" attitude of  her sire, the temperament quickness and color  of champagne, while exhibiting a style and desire uniquely her own. One of our favored to keep, this girl should mature out about 14.3 hands.

SOLD Prancing B Fanfare

1996 14.3 Hand, Flashy Silver Dun mare (sire) Latigo de Besilu (dam) Flint Oak Fanfare easy to ride go anywhere Trail And Parade experience. 

Must see MORE  $5,500

SOLD Cedar Hill's Resa
Black DOB 3/5/93 Mature easy riding mare, gaits at any speed, trail & parade experience.

SOLD  Perlita de Zeta
Black Bay DOB 2/18/96 Very tall & elegant, rideable nice brio and action.

SOLD Manzanilla de Fe
Beautiful cream Buckskin DOB 4/30/2000  Elegant, good mover, ready to start.

SOLD Profeta de Fe

PROFETA1.JPG (15272 bytes)  88 Palomino, SIRE Del Plebeyo de Boricua (double Kofresi) DAM Hermosa Blanca de Gala Stocky build, lots-a chrome and good size. Bred to Retador  de Casta for spring 2002 foal.

SOLD La Destella de Fe

destella.jpg (18191 bytes)  Spring 98 Chestnut Four White Socks & Blaze (Sire) Gracioso (Dam) Profeta de Fe. Fancy Filly that should be a show stopper, Brilliant Movement,  Now bred to Retador for 2002 foal -$7,500


SOLD Marca Luna de Fe

marcalu1.jpg (14787 bytes)Spring 99 Black Dun (Sire) Vaquero del Costa (Dam) Chinchilla Tall! Gait & Brio, Largo mare.  Unusual composite of colors, will be able to produce dilutes along with blacks and duns.  $6,500


SOLD La Novia de Fe

2PROFETA.JPG (16242 bytes)  Fall 99 Cremello (Sire) Don Juan de Casta (Dam) Profeta de Fe. This girl's Style is absolutely breath-taking, You can't take your eyes off her $8,500



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