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My name is Kristen, I live with my 3 sisters and mom and dad. Sometimes I stay with some very dear friends who own a Paso Fino Horse Ranch. Most of the pictures you'll see on my home page were taken during times spent there. You can click on the picture descriptions that are underlined below to see them.

KRISTEN2.JPG (25537 bytes) My Horses on my Grand Parents farm Standing on the Quarter horse Out for a Lark
action_1.jpg (15022 bytes) On the Quarter horse PERSUASIVE ACTION newborn1.jpg (22707 bytes) Me with Lamirla's new born Filly
ME_N1.JPG (15904 bytes) Night time with MARYA SAVANAH.JPG (16850 bytes) FUN on Savanah
PARADE2.JPG (40458 bytes) At the 1999 Thanksgiving Day Parade in Houston 


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