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SOLD  Patches Playboy

11 Year old Beautiful Dappled Pinto 15 hand Solidly built, lots of personality, great gait.             
Must see He won't last long.

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Information from Previous owner

I have owned Patches for 2.5 yrs.  He was bought to replace a gelding of mine who was injured and has since recuperated. During that timehe has had many adventures and outings........They include such rides as:

Bandera Hill Country State Natural Area  in Nov. 02.
  This is probably the most difficult riding area in Texas.  It consists of hilly, rocky narrow trails, many of which are at the very edge of the cliffs where it's important to have a sure footed horse.  It involves a lot of climbing as there are not a lot of flat areas to be covered which can be hard on both horse and rider.
Feb. 03  Friday Ranch Ride
This is a 5,000 acre ranch in Uvalde Tx.  There are both flat and hilly areas.  The hilly areas are not well marked as they are not used for livestock production.  Patches picked his way through rocks, hills and overgrown areas and kept on going for over 4 hrs. because his owner and friends managed to loose their way because there were no markers and we all got off trail.
May 18, 03  Heart of Texas
This is an Endurance ride held at Lake Whitney.  He managed to complete a limited distance ride of 25 miles and came in in good pulse and respiration.
Aug 04 Big Horn Mountains Wy.
Patches survived 2, 13 hr. days (up and back) in the trailer without any problems.  Managed to load and unload 3 times a day and still get back into the trailer without hesitation.  Spent the next 5 days crossing steams, jumping logs in old growth forests, blazing trails and even managed to make it through the "killer ride" which was an all day trek into Devils Canyon which went  down  1000 feet and then back up 1000 feet. This ride crossed numerous and various terrains from rocky to heavy growth forests to mountain tops where the wind really whipped one around.  During the ride Patches encountered moose, elk and loads of deer without any mishaps or spooking.   He was able to adjust to his new diet which consisted of alphalfa and oats (there is no hay in Wy. and none can be brought in unless it is certified weed free) without any colic problems or diarrhea.
Quintana Beach
This horse is ridden almost every weekend at Quintana Beach near Galveston Tx.  He will do sand (uneven footing) withstand the waves regardless of how active they are and "swim with dolphins" going in past his belly to swim and cool off during rides.  He will even tolerate the "flutterbys" which consist of flapping tents, kites  towels and anything that is loose that the wind can blow. 
 This horse can do traffic very well.  He will tolerate cars and even trucks and semi that whiz by the road I ride him on at about 60 mph.  He does not spook at dogs or other  "pop ups" during the ride.  He rides out very well by himself and will "go with the flow" on a group ride, be it a dead walk with my Quarter horse friends, or a gait with my gaited horse friends.
He has excellent feet and does not use shoes except on rocky rides. 
He likes a high port bit and can be ridden in combination with a bosal.  He will gait on both.  I use a bit in group rides just in case.
He does fine in a "herd" pasture situation as he is not aggressive and is usually low man on the totem pole.  He will do a stall if necessary.
He stands well to have his feet cleaned and for the farrier.  He likes to be groomed and fooled with.
He does not crib or eat fences or trees.
He likes most feeds and has never been picky, but is a rather slow eater.
He likes "snacks" apples, carrots,  cracker jacks and starlight mints (you get them at the restaurants). 
He will do gates, and gaits!  He knows to nose the gate to open it and will stand alongside the gate so you can relock it.
He will western rein if you ask him  and has no problem stopping.
He will stand tied quietly, and will stay quiet for mounting.
He does not mind having his ears fooled with.
He does not like  being cinched rapidly and roughly when you are girthing him.
He will take a wormer without too much fuss, I follow with a treat.
He is a GQ kind of guy in that he is never usually very dirty or covered with mud.  I have had some horses that are truly pig pens.   
He likes to be hosed off and even likes it when you do his face and really likes his "baths".
If he does not like something or is unsure about something he will stop and look at the situation and not throw a hissy fit or tantrum.  I usually get off and walk him up to the obstacle causing the concern  and have him deal with it on the ground and then get back on and ride him passed the problem without any  more problems.
Feel free to ask me any other questions that you may have regarding this horse.

Norrene Trama



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