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SOLD Calypso de Fe Minimum White Bay Tobiano  Pinto Gelding
DOB 10/24/05 (sire) Picasso de Fe (dam) Cedar Hill's Resa
Elegance, Gait, Brio, Animation, Brilliance, Hock Action

SOLD Rojo de Fe  2006 Fall Chestnut Gelding
Picasso de Fe   (dam) Varon's Varonica de Fe
He was bred and raised by us, imprinted at birth and is easy going.  He's easy to catch in the pasture and very willing, good out on the trails with a natural gait and is starting to get a good largo.

 SOLD Avante de Zeta (Charlie Grandson) Bay Tobiano Pinto
DOB 7/3/97 (sire)Tempestuoso B-B (dam) Charlies Sabrina de ChNel 
Registration # 39912 Extremely smooth gait
14.1 Hands, Sweet disposition, Excellent Trail & Parade Horse,

SOLD El Viento de Fe
Chestnut colt DOB 5-16-05
Retador  de Casta (dam) Isabella de Casta


 SOLD Amigo de Fe  (AKA Buddy)
Grey Gelding DOB 11/10/03 (sire) Petro del Rio  (dam) Llamarada de Fe

Large (nearly 15 hands) Friendly, Calm, Willing, Now Started under Saddle


 Chico de Bochica donde es
SOLD 88 Grey, 14.3H SIRE Gracioso (see below) (Bochica Son & Resorte III Grandson) DAM Famachica donde es Full Columbian, Great Disposition, Gait, Size, Elegance, very stylish in his movement.


 (Sire) Tempestuoso B-B (Dam) Danita SRC
 2001 Bay Tobiano Pinto Nice size, very willing disposition, easy going under saddle   loving and sweet. Some lucky person will get a great companion for a long time to    come.

 SOLD   Cimarron de Fe
Buckskin DOB 4/6/03 (sire) Retador  de Casta (dam) Escarlata del Sur
He will be a great trail mount that will be flashy and eye catching.
Now starting under saddle, we are even more pleased with his progress than we expected. Very willing, gaited, smart, eager to please.


 SOLD  Compadre deFe
Buckskin DOB 4/23/04 (sire)
Retador  de Casta  (dam) Mirasol de Fe
Well gaited and quick.


  SOLD Ministro de Fe
Grey DOB 12/2/01 (sire)
Retador  de Casta  (Dam) Marya (Majestuoso daughter)
Tall, Elegant!, long stride, will be a great Largo horse, plenty of power, drive and hocks.


SOLD Durango donde es  

1992 bay, Sire Plebeyo donde es, Dam Famonte donde es. Very pleasant and agreeable, wonderful gait, plenty of Brio yet easy to ride, loads of all kinds of experience.

SOLD Bochica Tejas Santo    mvc-660f.jpg (25419 bytes)
98 Bright Red Chestnut (the color of a bright copper penny) no face markings Left fore pastern, Right hind sock. (sire) Santo Humo (a Bochica & Resorte IV grandson). He is sweet & gentle, easy to ride, yet has an abundance of Brio when asked. 
Used during Summer Youth Horsemanship Camp. Virtually gaits all the time.  Is also broke to harness

SOLD Viento Nocturno aka (Woodrow)

woc-061f.jpg (26487 bytes) 1989 Black with right fore pastern, hind coronets. 
An own son of Charlie  Well gaited, elegance personified, Style beauty grace & spirit. trained to satisfy intermediate riders, nice to spark the novice rider to excel.



SOLD Camino Royale de Fe

royalehd1.jpg (14423 bytes) Fall 99 Golden Buckskin small star (Sire) Retador de Casta (Dam) Marya (Majestuoso daughter) Tremendous elegance, presence, style, sweet attitude and easy going, tall at 15 Hands. proud with a super nice build and refinement.


SOLD A cappella's Caprichoso

491c.jpg (15565 bytes)6 Year old born 5/23/96 Sire Capuchino Dam Lakehart Elice Exquisite gray gelding Plenty of brio, gait, style, elegance, and presence. Good size and substance.  497b.jpg (31597 bytes) 
An own son of Capuchino one of the most revered & best Champion producers in the world. 
504b.jpg (17783 bytes)
 For Sale by Private Treaty

SOLD Patches Playboy

patches1.jpg (19209 bytes) 11 Year old Beautiful Dappled Pinto 14.2 hand Solidly built, lots of personality, great gait.
Must see He won't last long.


SOLD Caballero de Fe

97 Grey, SIRE: Chico de Bochica donde es (Bochica Resorte III & Hilachas) Dam: Chinchilla. Fantastic horse, sweet sweet disposition, strong gait at 15H tall.  Went in his first parade after 30 days under saddle, even carrying a flag was not a big deal.  

SOLD Santo Rosa de Fe

97 Bay no White, SIRE: Pepi Macho (Hilaches son) DAM: Llorona de Pa. This guy is very intelligent with a super willingness to please, nice size, great stocky conformation.

SOLD Zarracha

8 year old Bay 15 hand calm family horse Pleasure Trail and Parade Experience, Easy to Ride.




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